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  • Home / Lifestyle / I went for a Boudoir shoot with Picture This Photography + Giveaway!

    I went for a Boudoir shoot with Picture This Photography + Giveaway!

    I went for a Boudoir shoot with Picture This Photography + Giveaway!

    A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway from Lauren over at Harassed Mom. I won a Boudoir photo shoot from Picture This Photography. Was I ready to go for a Boudoir shoot? Probably not! Am I glad I went? Oh hell yes! I’ve been playing with the idea to go for a Boudoir shoot for about two years but the face in the mirror kept telling me to get thinner first. I shouldn’t have listened to the face in the mirror. I had more fun than I thought I would and I met an incredibly talented woman. But before I go and tell you everything in the first paragraph of my post let’s reverse a bit.

    What is Boudoir Photography?

    “Boudoir” is a French word meaning a lady’s private dressing room or bedroom. In photography, boudoir refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. In modern day these photos are extremely tasteful and sensual and in my opinion for any body shape and size. I’ve seen incredibly sexy photos of thin and curvy women.

    Boudoir at Picture This Photography with Angelica

    So when you go for a boudoir shoot you bring along your own outfits and props so I suggest that you do a bit of pinteresting before you go to get an idea of the type of photos you’d like. I took with me some comfy jerseys as well as I feel good in them. Paired with pretty panties they worked really great. On a whim I also stuffed my chocoholic apron in the bag and we actually worked it well.

    Before the shoot

    Upon arrival Angelica went ahead and did my makeup. I really loved how she did it, it was subtly smoked out with the falsies just giving that extra pop on the eyes. I highly recommend if you go for the shoot, pay extra and have your makeup done. It will show up much nicer on the photos and you won’t end up with the dreaded flashback. After my makeup was done we went through all the outfit I brought with me.

    During the shoot

    I was really nervous when we started taking the photos and in the process of trying to relax I ended up looking dead serious in the first bunch of shots. Angelica is a darling and a huge chatterbox and we giggled and laughed and shared stories. This really helped me to relax. We did a couple of outfit changes. It actually felt like I was at a sleepover with a music montage! Included in the package I won was a milk bath session as well with a gorgeous flower crown that she makes herself. I was also spoiled with a lush bath bomb.

    Picture This Photography

    If you are in the Johannesburg area and you want to do a boudoir shoot I highly recommend Angelica from Picture This Photography. She has mad makeup skills and her photos are stunning. She does an array of other photo shoots as well, even cake smashes for adults that are still young at heart. You can check some of her work on her facebook page and website.

    All photos above belongs to Picture This Photography

    A quick Q&A with Angelica

    Q: What or who inspired you to start taking Boudoir photos?
    A: As a woman myself – I know what it’s like to lack self confidence and see yourself in a different light than others do! I have made it my goal to try and make woman of all shapes and sizes feel their best and most beautiful

    Q: What is your favourite part about boudoir photography?
    A: When woman see the images I’ve taken & they cannot believe it’s them, also there are lots of laughs and fun that commence on the day

    Q: What would you like to tell any woman that wants to have a boudoir shoot done but is lacking the self-confidence just to take the leap?
    A: You are more beautiful than you think you are! Life is short, DO THE PHOTO SHOOT

    Q: I know that as a boudoir photographer you work with what your client brings in regards to lingerie, props and more, what is the most interesting item that someone’s brought?
    A: A guitar 🎸 * *although this was unexpected it actually worked out really well.

    Q: Just for fun, if you could do a boudoir shoot in any location, where would it be?
    A: I would love to do a shoot in Mauritius with the beautiful turquoise sea

    So there you have it ladies. Love your body and treat yourself to a Boudoir shoot, you don’t even need to do it for your significant other, just do it for you.

    Giveaway – Win a shoot worth R2650!

    So it still being Woman’s Month (and my birthday month) Angelica was so kind as to sponsor a shoot to one of my gorgeous readers. Please make sure tho that you only enter if you will be able to go to (or are in) Johannesburg. Liking our pages will increase your chance of winning but it’s not mandatory.

    Boudoir Shoot with Picture This Photography

    Due to some gremlins in the system I am not able to share more photos from my own shoot with you, as soon as I'm able to do a re-shoot you guys will be the first to see!
    Lizna Erkelens
    Lizna Erkelens

    I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Garden Route. A little town called Wilderness is home. I am a very proud dog mom, learning to love my curvy body and a 30 plus blogger.

    Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


    1. Avatar 24/08/2018 / 10:13

      Wow sounds like such a fun photo shoot 🙂
      ANd the setting looks so great too – what a nice idea ♥


      • Avatar 24/08/2018 / 10:25

        It was a lot of fun! Angelica also really knows what she’s doing and her love for what she does shows in all her photos

    2. Avatar 24/08/2018 / 12:37

      I have been thinking about a shoot like this for myself and then I just put it out my mind . I am 100% sure it help with self confidence and self esteem as I witnessed first hand how the changed the self esteem and confidence after ‘n Boudoir shoot❤️.

    3. Avatar
      24/08/2018 / 12:53

      Awesome awesome blog

      • Avatar
        Samantha Rix
        24/08/2018 / 17:09

        I’d like to win so when I’m 99 years old I can show my gorgeous grand children that I use to look good to, do they must be more humble with their attitude because one day they will also be 99

        • Avatar 24/08/2018 / 17:13

          Good luck Samantha! You will rock a shoot like this

    4. Avatar
      Carla M VD Westhuizen
      24/08/2018 / 13:15

      I would love to do a shoot like this! I just turned 31 and feeling a bit old and need a bit of convincing that “I still got it”! Plus it would make a great wedding anniversary gift for my husband!

      • Avatar 24/08/2018 / 14:18

        You still have it photo shoot or not! Angelica also incorporates your veil into the photos if you have one xx

    5. Avatar
      24/08/2018 / 14:38

      Wow so brave of you! You look amazing

      • Avatar 24/08/2018 / 15:29

        Thanx hun! It’s very empowering

    6. Avatar 24/08/2018 / 16:14

      You look absolutely stunning. I’m on the shy side and your courage and confidence just gave mine a boost. Angelica is so talented and I’m entering for these reasons and because you only live once.


      • Avatar 24/08/2018 / 17:13

        Yes! She just knows how to take the photos, good luck lovely

    7. Avatar
      24/08/2018 / 21:31

      I’ve been going through a low for a while. Working incredibly hard and battling with being ill. Would love something to give me a confidence boost. Just having a small break for “me time” to feel a bit special.

      However… due to me being sick.. I had to have surgery and have 4 scars now on my torso… would that even be pretty? Just thought of that now.

      Anyways. Would love to win this shoot. Angelica’s work is so stunning.

      • Avatar 24/08/2018 / 22:35

        Those scars doesn’t define you! I have 4 as well from when they took my gal bladder out and I have tons of stretch marks. I just accepted them being there and I don’t let it get in the way of wearing certain clothes. Angelica is also a photoshop pro so if it’s something that really bothers you she can take them right out xx

    8. Avatar 25/08/2018 / 10:17

      Wow! You look stunning. Such nice shoot, Amazing blog, love it:)
      Ulta Coupons

    9. Avatar 27/08/2018 / 15:46

      This looks so awesome, your pics came out beautifully!!!

    10. Avatar
      Karley Brown
      02/09/2018 / 07:27

      I have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for ages! Since being plus size, turning thirty and becoming a mom, I feel anything but sexy! I would love to do this and try regain my confidence.