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  • Home / Foodie / It’s a Sierra Tequila Giveaway! 🌵🌵🌵 {Closed}

    It’s a Sierra Tequila Giveaway! 🌵🌵🌵 {Closed}

    It’s a Sierra Tequila Giveaway! 🌵🌵🌵 {Closed}

    A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Sierra tequila, and it wasn’t just any old tequila. It is a spiced tequila infused with orange and cinnamon! If you read my post you will know how much I love the taste and I shared three different ways to drink it. If you missed that post you can head over here and check it out.

    But let’s get to why we are all here today. You are here because you want to win some tequila aren’t you? And today you won’t stand a chance of winning just one bottle, you stand a chance of winning TWO bottles of tequila of your choice from the Sierra range.

    If you still didn’t go and read the post above (shame on you) I will give you a quick run down on which tequilas Sierra stock:


    Sierra Tequila Product Range

    • The Sierra Tequila Silver, this is a clear tequila with a fruity, fresh aroma dominated by notes of chilli, pineapple and green apple.
    • Sierra Reposado Gold is distilled twice in copper stills and then matured for nine months in toasted oak barrels to give it its distinctive gold shimmer and an irresistible freshness and fruity flavour with gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and fragrant herbs.
    • Sierra Spiced is a festive, sweet blend of Resposado tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours. Simply irresistible and a completely new Tequila experience.
    • The Sierra Café  is created with a recipe which has been kept secret by three generations of the same family. It’s a combination of Mexican coffee, Sierra Tequila Blanco and high quality vanilla.

    Sierra Tequila Giveaway

    So let’s get on with the giveaway shall we? Follow the instructions in the Gleam App to make sure your entries count! Facebook likes aren’t required but they are very much appreciated, so why not show myself and Sierra some love.

    Sierra Tequila

    Terms & Conditions

    • This giveaway is open to South African residents only.
    • You have to be 18 years or older to enter.
    • Giveaway will run from Wednesday 7 February until Wednesday 21 February 2018.
    • Only one email address/facebook account per person is allowed, duplicates will be removed.
    • The prize is sponsored by Merriment & Co
    • Winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this blog post by Friday 23 February 2018 unless the first drawn winner can’t be contacted.
    • If the winner can not be contacted within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.
    • Merriment & Co will be sending the prize directly to the winner.
    • Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for prize delivery

    Good luck everyone!

    Lizna Erkelens
    Lizna Erkelens

    I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Garden Route. A little town called Wilderness is home. I am a very proud dog mom, learning to love my curvy body and a 30 plus blogger.

    Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



    1. Avatar
      Anusha Naidoo
      07/02/2018 / 08:18

      Sierra Tequila Silver
      Sierra Reposado Gold

    2. Avatar
      Carolyn Augustus
      07/02/2018 / 11:13

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold

    3. Avatar
      Carla M VD Westhuizen
      07/02/2018 / 11:26

      Ola! My brother in law is Mexican so Tequila is very popular in our house! I would choose the Sierra Spiced and
      Sierra Café!

    4. Avatar
      Dawn W
      07/02/2018 / 11:27

      I would love the Sierra Café and Sierra Spiced

    5. Avatar
      Candice Vincent
      07/02/2018 / 11:29

      Sierra Spiced and Sierra Cafè

    6. Avatar
      Nicolette Nunes
      07/02/2018 / 11:30

      Sierra Tequila Silver
      Sierra Reposado Gold

    7. Avatar
      Megan Hartwig
      07/02/2018 / 13:35

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold.

    8. Avatar
      07/02/2018 / 14:27

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold

    9. Avatar
      07/02/2018 / 15:22

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold


    10. Avatar
      thea lennox
      07/02/2018 / 20:38

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold wow would love it

    11. Avatar
      Tania Brewis
      08/02/2018 / 10:43

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold

    12. Avatar 08/02/2018 / 13:49

      Sierra Tequila Silver & Sierra Reposoda Gold

    13. Avatar
      Ronnae Elliott
      09/02/2018 / 09:39

      Sierra Tequila Silver
      Sierra Reposado Gold

    14. Avatar
      09/02/2018 / 11:08

      Omg.. Sierra Tequila gold and Sierra Cafe pllssss.. just in time for my house party

    15. Avatar
      Losh Don Kisten
      20/02/2018 / 12:19

      Cheers to my choice Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold – all steps followed

    16. Avatar
      Matthew Gonzalez
      21/02/2018 / 20:07

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold.

    17. Avatar
      Cathy Badenhorst
      21/02/2018 / 21:32

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold

    18. Avatar 21/02/2018 / 21:42

      Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Reposado Gold