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    Sierra Spiced changed the way I like my tequila!

    Sierra Spiced changed the way I like my tequila!

    I’ve never been much of a party girl except for a very brief period as a student when Hatfield square was a once a week social gathering. This only went on for about 3 months and I was over it. This is when I first made tequila’s acquaintance! Funnily enough tequila has always been the one hard liquor that’s never given me that dreaded hangover. Till today when shots are to be had tequila is my choice. Another favourite on a hot day is a frozen margarita. Merriment & Co was kind enough to send over a bottle of Sierra Spiced, a tequila liqueur with orange and cinnamon for me to try. Spoiler alert….YUM!

    Merriment & Co

    The Merriment & Co team combines an extensive experience of the fine beverage market with an imaginatively entrepreneurial approach. They’ve traveled the world to find distinctive new tastes and fresh alcohol brands. Using their wide experience in the market both in Africa and abroad, they have chosen to market and manufacture particular brands, based on a clear understanding of the South African lifestyle, palate and pocket.

    Sierra Tequila

    Sierra Tequila is distilled from hijuelos (baby algave plats) that are cut by hand from mature plants which are grown in large fields in the highlands of Mexico. No artificial fertilizers are used and each plant is carefully tended by the jimadores (fieldworkers) who have a proud tradition of caring for their plants with their hands and their hearts all the way from planting to harvest.

    Sierra Tequila Product Range:

    • The Sierra Tequila Silver, this is a clear tequila with a fruity, fresh aroma dominated by notes of chilli, pineapple and green apple.
    • Sierra Reposado Gold is distilled twice in copper stills and then matured for nine months in toasted oak barrels to give it its distinctive gold shimmer and an irresistible freshness and fruity flavour with gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and fragrant herbs.
    • Sierra Spiced is a festive, sweet blend of Resposado tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours. Simply irresistible and a completely new Tequila experience.
    • The Sierra Café  is created with a recipe which has been kept secret by three generations of the same family. It’s a combination of Mexican coffee, Sierra Tequila Blanco and high quality vanilla.

    Sierra Spiced

    This cinnamon and orange infused tequila really put on a fiesta on my taste buds. It tastes really smooth and is much sweeter than a regular tequila, I am not the biggest fan of cinnamon in beverages but this works SO well. I’ve tried it three ways, sipping, as a shot and a cocktail (invented my own fun margarita recipe). I really love the fun bottle it comes in, the black hat it wears is so extra. You immediately want to throw a fiesta when you look at it.

    Sierra Spiced Shots:

    Easy as pie (or as easy as drinking tequila) to prepare. Slice an orange, use some of the orange juice on the cutting board to rub the rim of the shot glasses in. Dip in brown sugar. Fill the shot glass with Sierra Spiced and finish off with an orange slice. You can drink this as a shot or sip it. As a shot it takes your breath away a bit like a tequila should. If you choose to sip it you get to really enjoy the sweet flavours this tequila brings.

    Sweet Orange Margarita:

    For this one you’ll need 1 shot of Sierra Spiced, ice cubes, orange slices and lemonade. I once again put brown sugar around the rim as above. Place the ice cubes and orange slices in a glass, pour over the tequila shot and top up the glass with lemonade. This is really refreshing and surprisingly light. I enjoyed this on a hot afternoon. If you like your drinks a bit more on the sweet side this is perfect.

    I would really love to try the Sierra Café, I think it would really well as a milkshake type cocktail and those are my favourite! Just think, tequila dom pedros. Have you tried any of the tequila in the Seirra range?

    Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try but my opinions are all my own


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