It’s Monday! Let’s grab this day with both hands lovelies. I hope you are all awesome this week. To kick the week off I’m sharing five of my makeup pet peeves. These are all my personal opinion so if you do any of these, I’m so sorry!

5 Makeup Pet Peeves

Thick eyeliner below the bottom lash line and sloppy liner. I’ve seen it look like the outline of a toddler’s drawing. Why should people stop doing it? It makes your eyes look smaller and it scares me.

Clumpy and spidery looking mascara. Personally I think mascara should enhance what you already have so by creating clumpy and spidery looking lashes it defies the purpose. Sometimes it looks like the mascara is 40 years over the use by date if the lashes look like that!

Over drawn eyebrows. Work with what you have girl! You can still fill your brows in to be on fleek but keep to what you have. Not everyone has the skills to pull off an instabrow.

Cakey foundation especially when it’s not needed. I’ve seen so many ladies with gorgeous skins that applies layer after layer of foundation. Sometimes even in the wrong shade, like orange. We shouldn’t be wearing literal masks ladies! PS Don’t forget to blend your foundation into your neck.

Miss match lipstick and lip liner. Also when people seriously overdraw their lip line. Once again embrace what you have and work with it. Noting worse than looking fake.

What are some of your makeup pet peeves? And don’t forget, you are always gorgeous, makeup or not!


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Candice Petersen

Ah overdrawn eyebrows totally irrates me for some reason!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves