Good day all my lovelies! Today’s post is going to be a quick review on the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser. With us just about halfway through spring and summer creeping closer I thought now would be the prefect time to review this goodie. I’ve actually worked my way through an entire can of the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser so believe me I’ve thoroughly tested it!

About The Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

Vaseline’s Intensive Care Deep Restore Spray Moisturiser is a quick-absorbing and convenient spray lotion. Their continuous spray is designed for easy application and even all-over coverage. The unique formula is infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and leaves skin soft, not greasy or sticky.

Why I Love The Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

I am super lazy when it comes to applying mousturiser. I’d rather pop oils in the bath and use moisturising soaps so I find the The Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser extremely convenient. It takes mea couple of seconds to spray it all over my body and with a quick rub down I’m ready to go.

The moisturiser absorbs really fast and during the warmer months I find it ideal to use on my feet as well. It’s light weight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I don’t end up slipping around in my shoes and over leather seats after a little sweat.

The twist cap lock is handy as well and lets you “lock” the can so it doesn’t accidentally spray out in your bag.

Why This is Perfect for Summer

I’ve found that summer can be just as drying as winter. Salty ocean water, sea sand and chlorine in pools can dry out your skin. This moisturiser is perfect to pop into your beach bag for a quick moisture spray after rinsing off. Please note that this product doesn’t contain an SPF. Take caution when going in the sun!

What is your favourite summer moisturiser?


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