5 Gadgets you never knew you wanted for under R300

Hi there my lovelies, happy Friday! Today’s post is a bit different than what I usually post about but hey, I do lifestyle! I went online window shopping and found some really fun and nifty gadgets that you would want from Mataige Digital.

Heating Knife

This knife can heat up to 75 degree Celsius and I want it because sometimes the butter lands in the fridge! Have you ever tried to spread rock hard butter? If so you should be just as excited as I am about a heated knife. According to the site is also eases the slicing of cheese. RSP R224.28

Auto Stirring Mug

You can stir nearly anything in this mug with the press of a button. Even yogurt! With all the time I take in the morning to do my makeup and hair I could do with an auto stirring mug. Just think what a breeze it would be to mix your favourite shake? RSP R149.52

Electronic Bottle Opener

We all know that the better wine all comes corked but getting that cork out has never been one of my strong points. Who else needs this bottle opener to kick start a weekend?! RSP  R149.52

Desk Toy Useless Box

Who needs a Tiger to scare people touching stuff on their desk? I do! This Useless Box is pretty darn cute, I would probably sit and poke at it all day long just so he’d come out. RSP R285.45

Casset Tape To Mp3 Converter

This tool will come in real handy if you still have some of those self made mix tapes from when you were in high school. If you are one of the CD area “kids” this will make a really cool gadget to gift your parents. Who else remembers trying to record your favourite songs from the top 40 on a Saturday morning. I used to get so upset of the DJ would talk during a song! So if you still have some of those tapes laying around it will be fun to preserve those memories by turning the tapes into MP3. RSP R197.10

Do you own any fun gadgets?! Let me know in the comments. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


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