{Life Update} Hellooo Johannesburg & What I’m Up To

Good day lovelies! As you’ve probably notice I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks. I finally made it to Johannesburg. Yay. I’ve settled in and unpacked most of my things. I’ve also found a job, it is just temporary so I’m still looking out for something permanent.

Here are some things that’s much different from small town living to city slicker that takes some time for adjustment:

Getting up before the sun – How do you city girls do it?! Even if I go to bed early I am still woman down until at least 10am, I will refer to this as my zombie period. Maybe I should become a coffee drinker. Will that help?

City noise – The other reason I think I am feeling so tired even with enough sleep is the background city noise. The hustle and bustle of cars from early hours really mess with my REM sleep. I am sure I will get used to it soon enough. If I don’t I guess I should start playing whale sounds while I sleep.

Morning traffic – Guys, I don’t think I will ever be able to drive here. I will be such a slow poke the people will hoot at me. Poor Ilona probably thinks I don’t trust her driving because I cling to the seat belt like poop on a woolen blanket.


I’ve had to change the way I dress a bit, wearing t-shirts and jeans to work doesn’t fly so well. But what I am happy about is that I get to play with my makeup now every morning. I’ve also gone back to eating a little bit better. I’m not where I want to be and as I sit and type this all I can think about is eating a 5 star chocolate but Rome wasn’t built in a day! I am also giving myself some time to adjust with the move.

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8 thoughts on “{Life Update} Hellooo Johannesburg & What I’m Up To”

  1. You are doing so well already. Such a brave change and sounds like you are adapting really well. I have no doubt that you will soon become a coffee addict because Jozi has some of the best tasting coffee and great boutique coffee shops.
    Driving takes time and you’ll soon see Joburgers somehow make up their own road rules. When I’m there I have my CA number plate and for some reason no one hoots me…it’s as if they understand I’m a “challenged” driver from CT.
    I loved this post btw. Keep us updated! All the best.

    1. Thank you so much hun! Us as women are always stronger than we think and we always rise above! I love “gourmet” coffee, maybe I need a nespresso machine….

  2. Girl! I wake up at 5 and leave the house just after 6 to be at work at 7h30. Its rough out here! Luckily, I use a lift club, so I nap on the way (takes about 1hr+ on the road. You will ease into it! Welcome to Jo-hustle-burg!!!

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