{Review} Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

I recently browsed around some online stores and came across the Lottie Soap Star on Redsquare’s online shop. I’ve tried the Beauty Blender solid cleanser and I wanted to compare this one. The Soap Star is much more affordable and popped it in the cart. I read some reviews on the Soap Star online and I the general feedback was great.

What Lottie Says About The Soap Star

The travel-friendly Soap Star solid brush cleanser will have your brushes squeaky clean in no time. The brush-friendly formula deeply cleanses, removing excess residue and germs for a cleaner makeup application. Simply wet your brushes or applicators and sweep over the solid soap-bar in circular movements to create a lather, repeating if necessary. Rinse and allow both your cleansed brushes and the soap to air-dry.

Source: Lottie London

What I Say


The funky pink colouring of the box and label on the tub is eye-catching. There is a not slip guard in the bottom of the tub too. Just remember to air dry it first. You can use store the soap in the tub after use.

Formula & Cleaning Power

The Soap Star doesn’t have any particular scent and just smells like a regular soap. Containing 30% soap it was a bit drying to my skin. It contains brush-softening coconut oil as well and that was great for my brushes.

The soap cut through all the makeup grime and residue on my brushes like magic and had my brushes cleansed in a jiffy. I used the soap together with my brush egg and therefore it didn’t take me long at all .I found that the Soap Star didn’t clean my Beauty Blender as well as the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser and it also washed out some of the colour.


The 30 gram Lottie Soap Star can be purchased at Redsquare and Foschini for Beauty for R120 in South Africa. In the UK you can find it for £6.99 at Superdrug for 50 grams.

Final Thoughts

The soap cleaned my brushes really well and I will re-purchase it. I will however continue cleansing my Beauty Blender with the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser.

Have you tried the Soap Star yet? What is your favourite brush cleanser?


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