{Travel Diaries} My Ice Cream Melted in Belgium

Good day lovelies! Today I’m taking myself back to my day trip visit to Belgium. I was most excited for the chocolate for obvious reasons. Big was my surprise by all the other gems I discovered. We stopped over in Antwerpen and Brugge, the drive there from the Netherlands wasn’t so long, perhaps about 2 hours.


Our first stop,  Antwerpen, we strolled around when I spotted a Disney store! It was magical and I never wanted to leave. We also stumbled upon an amazing chocolate store where you could watch the chocolatiers creating edible masterpieces. Belgium is big on champagne bars and you see them located in the center of shopping centers. The thought of just taking a shopping break and sipping some champagne sounds relaxing doesn’t it?!


Brugge is a picture perfect town, it reminds me of the towns outside of castles in fairy tales. It is known for all the old churches that has more towers than I could count.

When we strolled around Brugge I spotted a Belgium waffle truck and I mean, when in Belgium eat a world-famous waffle right? Eating waffles posed much more challenging than I thought, factoring in the extremely hard wind blowing. After 2 bites my ice cream started melting at the speed of light, and no, it didn’t drip down. The wind blew it all over the place. Eventually hubby had to hold his waffle under mine to catch the stream of melting ice cream. Next time I will go more traditional and just eat a plain waffle!

It was an extremely fun day trip and I went home with a load of chocolate and two beers. In my opinion Belgium chocolate kicks Swiss chocolate’s bum. I would love to go back and make it a longer trip.


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