{Review} Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette + Swatches

Good day, lovelies! To celebrate me getting back to blogging I’m going to share with you one of my new absolute favourite new eyeshadow palettes and believe me, the pictures don’t even do it any justice. The Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette is absolutely gorgeous, to say the least.

I ordered the palette directly from the Juvia’s Place website and used Aramex Global Shopper, which was a nightmare (but a story for another day). When I finally received the palette and it was in perfect condition it made the entire drama so worth it. The palette was wrapped in bubble wrap inside its own box, in a bigger box that was filled with squishies. Two thumbs up to Juvia’s for great packaging.

Juvia’s Place palettes are specially designed for ladies of darker colour, but I’m so happy to inform you that they work great on lighter skins too. Juvia’s Place is cruelty-free as well!

What Juvia’s Place Says about the Saharan Palette:

The Saharan Palette was inspired by the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the  Wodabbe festivities in the Fulani culture of West Africa. Filled with elaborate and flamboyant makeup. The Saharan eyeshadow palette is endowed with pops of colours and has 12 beautifully coordinated colours with a combination of  4 matte colours for transitioning shimmery and satin finish shades. Earthy hues and golds that emulate a true Saharan.

What I Say about the Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette:

– Packaging –

The eyeshadow palette is made from a very sturdy cardboard and has magnets in the lid to keep it shut. The vibrant pink with a softer blue-green colouring and Saharan drawing ensures it’s very eye catching. There is no mirror in the lid, which I miss a bit. The palette is very lightweight.

– Formula –

As with all the Juvia’s palettes, this palette’s formula doesn’t disappoint, it’s extremely buttery, intensely pigmented, blends easily and stays put. I always ensure I use a primer, my eyes look perfect for a full day. The shadows apply really well with a brush or using your fingers.

– Swatches –
  • Sokoto – Matte transition colour in a deep reddish orange
  • Wodaaabe – Rich true gold shade in a metallic finish
  • Bororo – Cranberry shade in a metallic finish
  • Kia – Deep greenish shade in a metallic finish
  • Zoya – Soft pinkish shade in a satin finish, I find this shade is lacking a bit and applies better when using my finger
  • Iman – The lightest shade in the palette, a white shade in a satin finish
  • Jamila – Orange shade with a matt finish, another transition colour
  • Senegal –  A light copperish shade with a metallic finish
  • Chad – The darkest shade in the palette, another matt finish colour
  • Katsina – A soft beige shade with a matt finish
  • Lulu –  A soft pinkish shade in a satin finish
  • Fula – A deeper purple pink shade with a metallic finish

Juvia’s Place Saharan palette swatches in artificial light

Juvia’s Place Saharan palette swatches in natural light

This palette retails for $28 and is a very reasonable price for the quality and amount of product that you receive. I would really love to own more Juvia’s Place palettes!


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