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    {Friday’s 3 Favs} My 3 series choices for binge watching

    {Friday’s 3 Favs} My 3 series choices for binge watching

    Happy Friday and welcome to the first delivery of Friday’s 3 Favs! I hope today’s post has a little something for everyone. If you are a series fanatic like I am or just looking for something new to watch keep reading. I am going to share my favourite shows that I watched or discovered during the last couple of weeks.

    Girl Boss

    Genre: Comedy

    Break Down: Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. This show is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal Founder, Sophia Amoruso. – Credit: IMDB

    Why I like it: This one I binged watched over 2 days. I am a huge fan of Britt Robertson and really loved her sass and rudeness in this show. It took a bit of getting used to her darker hair. If you live on the internet like I do you will find a bunch of scenes you can relate to. Who doesn’t love a bit of “Girl Power” ?!

    Code Black

    Genre: Drama

    Break Down: The staff of the LA County Hospital emergency room treat patients under difficult circumstances. Source: IMDB

    Why I like it: I discovered this show by accident when I was channel hopping one morning. I love dramas and I love shows about hospitals – is that weird? With this show I get a great combination of both! This show is really fast paced and you really have to focus else you might just miss who just bled to death.

    Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

    Break Down: An international unit of the FBI charged with coming to the aid of, and solving crimes involving, American citizens in foreign countries. A spin-off from Criminal Minds.- source: IMDB

    Why I like it: I really enjoyed watching Criminal Minds and watched nearly all of the seasons over a couple of weeks. I just couldn’t get enough which led me to this spin off. I was very intrigued by the episode where they had to solve murders in South Africa, nothing I’ve ever heard off! This is another fast paced show and I love trying to figure out who done it before the end of the episode.

    I am always looking for something new to watch so if you have any of your own favourties or shows you think I’d love let me know in the comments down below!

    Lizna Erkelens

    I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Garden Route. A little town called Wilderness is home. I am a very proud dog mom, learning to love my curvy body and a 30 plus blogger.

    Find me on: Web | Twitter | Facebook


    1. richard
      19/05/2017 / 12:33

      Where is our “The 100”? you introduced me to it 😀

      • 19/05/2017 / 14:38

        haha I know, the post is about current binges 😛

    2. 15/06/2017 / 07:06

      I love binge watching series over weekends. I am currently watching Game of thrones. I quite like the plots of these so I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

      • 15/06/2017 / 22:13

        The new season of Game of Thrones will start soon, can’t wait!