Favourite Finds for Winter

Good day my lovelies. Today I’m going to share my favourite finds for the coming winter. I promise myself every year that I’m going to prevent dry skin instead of treat it. Let’s hope this year I stick to that promise!

I’ve thoroughly tried and tested these products, and they work for me. I’ve had 3 extra months of winter and the winter in the Netherlands was harsher than what we are used to in South African. Just remember as well that everyone’s skin doesn’t react the same to products. Some skins might need more moisture than others so these are my personal recommendations.


Letibalm – Not only do these protect your lips from the elements it also repairs the skin around your nose and in-between. As soon as I start blowing my nose a bit more than usual I reach for my letibalm liquid treatment and I can’t remember when last I had dry, cracked skin around my nose. I apply the balm onto my lips before bed and wake up with soft lips.

Elizabeth Arden – The Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm with SPF 20 PA++ is my daytime favourite. I apply this before applying lipstick and once my lipstick has worn off I wear only this, I love the SPF. We still need to use SPF even during winter.


Soil – I’m super lazy when it come to applying moisturizers and I never do this on a daily basis, it’s bad, I know. My legs usually come at me with revenge and itches so bad that I can’t sleep. I’ve recently started putting Soil Shea Butter into my bath water and it makes a huge difference. My skin feels amazingly soft and supple. Moisturizing the lazy girls way!



Crafted Cosmetics – Yes my feet doesn’t count as part of my body because they need extra love and care. So far the Crafted Cosmetics Tumeric Tripple Moisturizer has been the only product that isn’t specifically for feet that could soften my dry cracked heels. This is another all natural cruelty free brand and locally made.


What are your secret weapons for winter?


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4 thoughts on “Favourite Finds for Winter”

  1. Great products! I’m the same..I swear this winter I will use everything religiously, and then after 2 days, it’s over. lol

    I love a moisturizing body wash, because I’m too lazy to put cream on after a shower. Also a face oil for winter is a must have for me.

    1. I also love using a face oil and I will cover my entire face in 8 hour cream before bed. I skipped face because there are so many different facial skin types I haven’t even figured my own out yet!

  2. Interesting products, thank you for introducing me to crafted cosmetics, but I truly have my green eye on that cosmetics purse, it’s so pretty. It deserves a mention.

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