Photo Diary | Harry Potter the Exhibition – The Netherlands

Hi all my lovelies, today’s post will be textually short and visually long! On the 1st of March we visited the Harry Potter Exhibition in Utrecht in the Netherlands and it was all kinds of magical.

My husband is a huge potterhead so when we saw the Exhibition is coming to the Netherlands we couldn’t wait for it to open so we can go and gawk at the props from the movies. The tickets were a bit on the pricey side but well worth it. It takes you about 90 minutes to move through all the display areas and we saw so many things from our favourite scenes.

As you enter you first go through an introduction where a lucky few will get sorted by the sorting hat thereafter you move past the Hogwarts express right into the Griffindor tower. You get transported through all the big scenes from the movies and then end up in the gift store. The gift store I might add was WAY over priced but I still couldn’t resist getting a couple of things.

But lets get to the good part, the photos!

Leave me a comment if you are also slightly Harry Potter obsessed!


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2 thoughts on “Photo Diary | Harry Potter the Exhibition – The Netherlands”

  1. This is insanely cool! I love Harry Potter and my cousins and I rewatch it whenever we stay over at one anothers homes. We still have Harry Potter themed parties even though we are in our 20’s/30’s.
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

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