In the mind of my other half

A while ago I saw this post on my facebook news feed and promptly asked my husband the questions via WhatsApp. I copied and pasted his answers exactly as he replied and they gave me such a good laugh I though I would turn it into a blog post, his answers were just too funny not to share

Ladies, WITHOUT prompting, ask your husband or boyfriend these questions and write EXACTLY what they say. The outcome can be hilarious

•  What is something I always say?

•  What makes me happy?
“Chocolate and shopping”

•  What makes me sad?
“Being distant from me and animal abuse”

•  How tall am I?
“120cm XD 157cm”

•  What’s my favorite thing to do?
“Nagging, talk cosmetics, talk general and annoy the crap out of me. XD. Rofl. I like this game”

•  What do I do when you’re not here?
“How must I know…”

•  If I become famous, what will it be for?
“Prob your blogging”

•  What makes you proud of me?
“Losing all the weight that you lost, is at no 1. Persisting in the things that you want to do, till you finish at no 2.”

•  What is my favorite food?
“Milli pap”

•  What is my favorite restaurant?
“The 1 at Zandvoort” Me “Beach Club Far Out” Chris “whatever”

•  Where is my favorite place to visit?

•  If I could go anywhere, where would it be? “Toilet XD. Wherever I am”

•  How do I annoy you?
“The list would be too long to mention. But it usually start with “hunniiiii, can we…””

•  What is my favorite movie?
“Movie? Pfff Uhmmm. Devil wears prada ???.”

•  Who is my celebrity crush?
“Hmmm… … the guy that’s in the proposal and Deadpool and the green Lantern.”

•  You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
“Your mom”

If you asked your husband or boyfriend these questions please share a link or paste his answers in the comment section, I’d love to read them!


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