Netherlands, here I come

It’s with so much excitement that I get to tell you guys that I am finally going to get to see my husband in December! I’m so overly excited that I’ve started packing my bags in my head and making lists of things I need to do and buy. Yes I know it’s still 3 months away, but I just can’t help it. Netherlands, here I come!

1myc0unThis will be my 3rd trip to the Netherlands so I’m pretty much set regarding my visa and how the process of international traveling works. This will however be my very first time with a long layover in in non European country. I will be spending 4 and a half hours in Cairo International, I am both nervous and excited about it. I have asked around and gotten some helpful currency tips for buying a drink or snack while there.

I was quick to select my seats on both flights as well and got lucky with a single seat on the longer haul and the flight promises WiFi. I will be sure to make sure my laptop and phones are fully charged.


So here is to hoping the next 3 months just fly past because I am missing my husband like crazy! I will be posting some travel and packing tips in the following weeks so if you are into traveling and want to follow my journey be sure to subscribe to my blog’s newsletter.


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