Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire, Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to win some gorgeous Guerlain La Petite Robe , Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour lipsticks from Dave Lackie. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to do this post and now with the weather getting warmer and the flowers finally starting to bloom it seems to be the best time to introduce these perfect for spring and summer lipsticks.

From Guerlain

Guerlain created an absolutely essential and utterly irresistible La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick in deliciously vibrant shiny shades in an innovative texture to dress up your style with colour! The texture is light-weight and reveals the lips’ natural radiance, leaving them supple and comfortable. The coverage is buildable thanks to the lipstick’s thin film. One layer offers a simple glimpse of he sensual texture while several more provides a dense and sophisticated finish.

Inspired by La Petite Robe Noire, the formula is deliciously perfumed and delicately flavoured for an unforgettable taste on your lips, an ultra-shiny finish and pure & luminous colours thanks to a cocktail of fine oils and a selection of “POP” pigments coated in a specific shine-boosting resin.

A floral fruity fragrance with accents of bergamot, rose and raspberry, inspired by the delicious notes of La Petite Robe Noire, and an exquisite flavour makes these lipsticks a must have item in your makeup bag.

The Packaging

I simply adore the packaging, the lipsticks come in sleek black boxes and is very well-rounded off with the Guerlain logo written in pinks and purples leaving this very edgy feel to the product. The lipstick bullets are gorgeous as well. Black tubes with clear lids with a heart detail on the end gives you a feel of glamour.

The Lipstick

These lipstick smells amazing, forget those scented lip balms ladies! I’ve had the notion to use these lipsticks as perfume instead, the fragrance is a soft fruity floral aroma that just fills your sense of smell, you actually kind of feel like you want to take a bite out of them!

I own the shades Fire Bow and Lilac Belt. Fire Bow is a very soft to vibrant red and goes really well with my skin tone while Lilac Belt is a cool to vibrant purple and is perfect for everyday wear.

The colour is vibrant and can be layered to the intensity that you love. I personally apply only one layer for a little pop of colour. The formula of very nourishing and wears extremely comfortable. Applying more layers result in longer wear as well but they do stain the lip a bit so even after the lipsticks have faded of there is still a little hint of colour.


The lipsticks can be applied to provide 3 different colour intensities. 1  layer for a delicate halo of colour that offers a glimpse of the lips’ sensual texture, 2 to light up your smile and 3 for a bold, vibrant and sophisticated shade

From Left to Right 1, 2 and 3 layers

These lipsticks retail for about US$28 and can be purchased from Sephora Canada. I am not entire sure if these are available in South Africa yet, my google search wasn’t very fruitful.


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