Review: Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution

I’ve been using contact lenses since I was around 22, that’s over 10 years now! Recently I had to get my eyes checked so I could order some new contacts. The team over at the Torga Optical at the Eden Meander was extremely helpful and when I went to fetch my second pair of trial lenses I got a bottle of Biotrue multi purpose solution to try out after I complained of extremely dry eyes.

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About Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution

Biotrue Brand Solution is by Bausch + Lomb, a known and trusted brand anything eye related. Biotrue helps make wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes, it’s formulated to work like your eyes.  Biotrue hydrates your contact lenses in the same way that your eyes naturally hydrate – by utilizing hyaluronan (HA), a lubricant found throughout the body, providing you with up to 20 hours of glorious eye moisture.

Biotrue combines a dual disinfection system and pH equal to healthy tears and protein management to provide exceptional disinfection. Biotrue matches the pH of healthy tears and enables optimal performance of their dual disinfectants. Biotrue keeps proteins in their native state active as they are naturally in your eye. They act as the eye’s inborn germ-fighters, carrying out antimicrobial activities on their own. Biotrue also lifts and removes denatured proteins – those that have lost their structure due to factors such as external stresses. (Info found on Biotrue Solution’s Website)

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What I have to say about Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution

From the first day using the Biotrue solution the dryness and sandy feeling in my eyes went away. The moisture throughout the day is great as well, except on windy days when I still experience some dryness but only in the right eye for some reason. The important thing to remember is to clean your lenses properly when removing them. I experimented a bit with this and proper lens care does result in optimum eye comfort the next day. I give this contact lens solution two thumbs up.

You can purchase Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution at Torga Optical and most stores that stock contact lens cleansing supplies.

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