Tuesday Treasure | Introducing the Rain Perfume Range

Hi ladies! I know it’s been weeks since I featured something on a Tuesday, but I couldn’t find anything worthy to blog about, that was until I heard about the brand new perfume range from rain – created for living. I’ve been so excited for these perfumes I’ve known about since my birthday in August.

The perfumes where released during September and I finally go to smell them this past weekend when I got to visit my favourite rain store in the Garden Route mall. As always, even tho my time was short, I had an amazing time in the store and Gerladine quickly helped me to snap some pics to show you guys, thanx Geraldine!

There are 3 perfumes in the range and they all smell amazing and they are long lasting and just think earthy, nature and natural, these fragrances take your senses on a little vacation. All three fragrances comes in a pod for which you can purchase refills for at any rain store.  I love the idea of the pod and together with the designs on all 3 packages it gives the feel of five star luxury.


rain perfume nectarThe first fragrance introduces delicate florals, which grows in complexity as sensuous jasmine, rose and lily assert their sweetness. Underpinning this intoxicating bouquet is the spicy warmth of resinous cedar, redolent of the spectacular Cedar Mountains, ancient home of the first people the San, whose profound botanical knowledge is the inspiration behind Nectar – a celebration of the harmony between man and nature.

I’m a huge fan of floral fragrances and this one smells simply soft and sensual, the perfect daytime fragrance.


rain perfume leafThis fragrance has crisp notes of citrus, orange blossom and indigenous green fynbos that evokes the hills and orchards of the Elephant River Valley which winds through the wild arid Northern Cape and remote Namaqualand at first whiff. The deepening fragrance is sweetened with intense florals underpinned by sensual musk, sandalwood and kapok bush – a white flowering indigenous plant long prized by the local Nama and Khoi tribes for its aromatic and medicinal properties.

This fragrance brings you right back to nature and is truly intoxicating, perfect for date night.


rain perfume twigLast but not lease, twig opens with a hint of cool breeze from a fynbos mountain fringed with a citrus orchard and fields of lavender. The fresh beginning warms on the skin to reveal a heady floral theme underpinned by spicy notes of cedar. As the fragrance deepens, it surrenders the resinous sweetness of the Namibian omumbiri, the treasure of the Himba people, as well as smoky muhuhu from East Africa and a honey scented labden blended with vetiver, oak moss and patchouli.

This warmer scented fragrance would be a perfect scent for those colder days to give you a sense of warmth.

I love how these perfumes all have proudly South African scents incorporated into them and I can honestly say I love all 3! I wouldn’t know which one to purchase first and remember that Rain is cruelty free!

Disclosure: Some of the above content was found in the official Rain press release.


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