{Review} Sormé Cosmetics Brow Pencil & Under Eye Shadow Primer

Hi ladies! Wow it feels like weeks since I’ve posted but I’ve been a busy busy bee, jetting off for the Beauty Blogger awards in Johannesburg the past weekend took a lot of my time, you know with shopping for an outfit and packing, but that is a post for later this week. Today I’m bringing you reviews on two of the gorgeous products sent to me by Sormé Cosmetics. You can read my intro post on the brand over here!

First we have the Sormé Brow Pencil

The brow pencil is black with silver detailing and a colour indication on the blunt end, the cap has a very handy eyebrow brush to easily brush brows into place before filling them in, I like to lightly brush them again afterwards to make sure the colour is blended well. These brown pencils are water-resistant, silicone, fragrance and cruelty free!

Before I go into the review of the product itself I would just like to mention that I’ve been struggling with my brows, for-ever! I’ve been so unsure of what I should be doing with them because, see, I have something I like to call half brows, half way from my nose my brows just fades and nearly disappears… This brow pencil from Sormé in rich brown is now my brow saver. The pencil isn’t harsh and heavy and I can easily mimic tiny brow hairs by using short strokes to fill in my brows. The shade is a perfect match, defines my brows amazingly and the colour stays put for the entire day. Now I too can brag with “brows on fleek”

These retail for R179 and can be purchased from the Sormé online store.

Secondly one of my new go to products, the Sormé Under Shadow Eye Shadow Primer

The primer comes in a tiny box, which makes it look that more luxurious! Inside the box you find a tiny round see through pot filled with the primer, it has a brown lid with the Sormé logo on it.  The primer is silicone, fragrance and cruelty free!

The formula of this primer is creamy and goes on my eyelids really smoothly, my eyeshadow applies really well over it, it’s easy to blend my eyeshadow and I found that it intensifies the colour as well. I put this primer through the ultimate test by using it on Sunday on my flight home from Johannesburg. It was really hot and I could feel my face melting off at the airport, but when I arrived home my eyeshadow was still perfect, just like I had applied it the morning, I even went in for a close inspection and there was no creasing in sight.

The primer sells for R229 and is available from the Sormé online store.

So far I’m really impressed with this brand, keep an eye out for more Sormé product reviews and don’t forget to take a look at all the great cosmetic products on their online store!


I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Urban Jungle of Johannesburg. Very proud dog mom. #30plusblogs

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    1. Thanx hun and I totally agree with you, I’m busy phasing out brands that test on animals but I have to be honest – it’s really hard as some of my favourite products are from brands that still do. It makes me really sad!

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