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    June Beauty Favourites 2015

    June Beauty Favourites 2015

    Today is the first of July and I can’t believe we are half way through the year already, the time is just flying past. So it being July it means only one thing and that is that it’s time for my June Beauty Favourites 2015! Here are my favourite products I loved during June.


    June Beauty Favourites 2015

    1. Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan oil
    I’m been grabbing for this mascara the entire month of June. I really love how it separates my lashes and the formula is really fluid, it has a rubbery applicator and it gives me a bit of both length and fullness.

    2. Almay Intense i-color smoky-i Powder Shadow 404 trio for Greens
    This is one of my favourite Almay eyeshadow palettes, I can create gorgeous looks with it for both night and day time, the shadows have a gorgeous shimmer, nothing extravagant but just enough to get you noticed.

    3. Almay Eyeliner 207 Brown
    I’ve been using this eyeliner a lot for daytime makeup looks, it’s creamy, goes on sooth, it’s hypoallergenic as well wich makes it great for my contacts as my eyes don’t get irritated throughout the duration of the day.

    4.  Blistex DCT Lip Protectant/Sunscreen SPF 20
    My lips have been really dry and this lip balm has been my go to for June. I love the little tingle it gives after applying, it smells great and I love that it has an SPF

    5. Catrice Frosting Top Coat
    This top coat gives any nail polish a matte shimmer and lets me have two ways to apply any nail polish I already own. I love the effect and it saves me a lot of money because now I don’t have to buy double!

    6. Charlie Revlon Gelicious Nail Colour
    I have these nail polishes in a couple of shades but my favourites are Desire, Socialite and Oh So Chilly. They apply really easy, I need two to three coats to get them opaque and I can combine these three for endless nail art designs!

    Which products have you been loving during June ? Leave me a comment and let me know!

    Lizna Erkelens
    Lizna Erkelens

    I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Garden Route. A little town called Wilderness is home. I am a very proud dog mom, learning to love my curvy body and a 30 plus blogger.

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    1. Avatar
      Luna Lacey
      01/07/2015 / 13:35

      I really need to get some Blitex, my lips are literally peeling daily!!

      • Avatar
        Lizna Erkelens
        01/07/2015 / 15:12

        It’s the first time I’m using Blistex and I’m wondering why I didn’t get some sooner! Do you have a lip scrub btw? Last year my lips where horrible and scrubbing lightly made a world of difference.

    2. Avatar
      Candice Petersen
      01/07/2015 / 16:27

      That almay palette is so pretty


      • Avatar
        Lizna Erkelens
        03/07/2015 / 22:59

        Thank you Candice xx

    3. Avatar
      Rayne Toni Alexander
      03/07/2015 / 12:08

      Blistex is always my-go lipbalm in Winter 🙂 I am not a fan of the taste but it works like a bomb!


      • Avatar
        Lizna Erkelens
        03/07/2015 / 22:59

        Great to hear, I’m growing really fond of my blistex xx

    4. Avatar 08/07/2015 / 11:53

      Those Charlie polishes are some of my favourites:D

      • Avatar
        Lizna Erkelens
        09/07/2015 / 13:19

        Yeah I know haha, I stalk your blog 😉

      • Avatar
        Lizna Erkelens
        15/07/2015 / 18:28

        I really love it, they keep bringing new ones! It’s like catching pokemon xx you just need them all