Monday Fun Day | Current Favourite YouTubers

I’ve been getting my blogging grove back slowly but surely and I found some blogspiration over the weekend and dove right into it. I’m kicking off this week with some of my current favourite youtubers.


1. Essie Button

How can you not love Essie Button ? I love how she incorporates affordable products as well as high-end in her videos so those of us who can’t always afford those products with high price tags also get to share in the joy. Her vlog channel is just as much fun, I’ve binge watched her and Aslan just as I’ve binge watched any series!

YouTube Main Channel: Essie Button
YouTube Vlog Channel: Essie Button Vlogs

One of my favourite Essie Button videos where she features her sweet grandma.

2. Loey Lane

I absolutely love Loey Lane, not only is her makeup always flawless and spot on, I’ve learned a lot by watching her makeup tutorials, but she just has this way about her that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin even tho society isn’t always comfortable with your skin. She knows just how to dress her curvy body and looks amazing no matter what outfit she wears and to top it all off she has one of the sweetest personalities.

YouTube Main Channel: Loey Lane
YouTube Vlog Channel: Loeybug

One of my favourite Loey Lane makeup videos, love the makeup look and outfit in this one, but now I need that palette…

3. Hayls World
(because local is lekker)

Hayls is a South African youtuber / blogger and an amazing nail art guru, her nail art designs sometimes has my mouth hanging wide open and she has such a great personality in front of the camera, sometimes I wish I could be so comfy when it comes to filming myself. I’ve had the privilege of meeting her as well and she is just such a sweet person.

Youtube Channel: Hayl’s World

One of my favourite videos is where we get to see her nail polish collection, totally envious of her storage!

4. Kandy Kane Makeup

Another super confident South African youtuber, I really enjoy her makeup tutorials, especially the more dramatic looks, she is an eyeliner wizard and fearless when it comes to her hair!

YouTube Channel: kandykanemakeup

One of my favourite Kandy Kane videos is the Bean Boozled Challenge collaboration she did with Luzanne from Pink Peonies and it’s hilarious.

Do you have any favourite youtubers or youtubers that you think I will enjoy watching ? Leave me a comment and link their channels, I love finding new people to watch!


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