How to sanitize your lipstick

This post was inspired by Leandra from At a Loss for Words when she asked whether she should toss out a lipstick she’s used while having the flu or not. I’ve never really thought about this and it being flu season I’m sure this is something we should all know. I went on a search for an answer and no, you don’t have to toss your beloved lipstick, you can just sanitize it!

Sanitizing Lipstick

You will need a glass, surgical/rubbing alcohol, the highest volume you can find and some tissue, wipe the lipstick on the tissue, including the sides and then dip it into the alcohol for about 30 seconds and let dry. You can decant some of the alcohol into a spray tube as well and spray it onto the lipstick after wiping, this will work really great if you want to try testers at the store, you can carry it in your handbag and clean the tester lipstick before trying it. You can wipe down the containers and the insides of the lipstick caps as well by wetting a piece of cotton with some alcohol or even a q-tip.

The alcohol dries off so fast that you should be able to use your lipstick again within a minute, germ free!

You can use this same method to clean your lip liners, sharpen it first and then dip or spay and wipe it down. If you are purchasing second-hand/swatched lipsticks you can clean them like this before using! I’ve seen many people selling used/swatched lipstick on facebook and I’ve been wary about purchasing, but now I know how to clean them.



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2 thoughts on “How to sanitize your lipstick”

    1. At foschini’s they give you a swab stick to clean the lipstick with if you ask for one, but I think the added alcohol spray would put me more at ease! I read somewhere as well that the tips of your fingers closest resembles your lips, not sure if it’s accurate tho 🙂

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