Dear dog walkers…..

I’ve been forced to write this open letter after some arrogant cave man threatened to kick my dog on the beach….


Dear dog walkers…..

If I had a vicious dog I won’t be walking him/her on the beach without a leash as that would just be irresponsible on my side, I’m a huge animal lover and the thought of my dog biting another makes me cringe. I hope it’s safe to assume that other people have the same common sense.

So if you see me approaching with my dogs please don’t be an idiot by lifting your dog up because you think my dogs are purely approaching to viciously devour yours, I promise you that is not the case (there are much tastier things for my dogs to eat at home) They only want to greet your dogs with a little butt sniffing! If you saw any episodes of Ceasar Milan the Dog Whisper you would know this – By lifting up your dogs you are just exciting my dogs even more, because hey, they just want to greet their friend and you are swinging their friend around above their head, so yes, they WILL jump up against you. The more you swing your pooch around the more mine will jump and if you keep doing a crazy jungle dance on the beach the more difficult you make it for yourself and the more difficult you make it for me to get my dog under control.

So just keep this in mind next time you walk your dog on the beach.

Yours Sincerely


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