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So I have never purchased any Gosh cosmetics and I am seriously asking myself, why! why not! I spent around 30 minutes in Edgars over the weekend swatching nearly every single tester at the Gosh stand oooh and ahhing at all of it, the pigments just wowed me with each swatch of product. The lipsticks, the lip markers, the eye shadow, everything. I ended up purchasing only one product for now because a lot of what I swatched was out of stock but I will be back!

Eyeshadow Stick
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I decided on a Forever Eye Shadow in 06 Plum, this is a metallic eyeshadow stick and it’s simply gorgeous. I don’t know what it is with me but I tend to get pulled towards products that are different from the regular, stick eye shadows and crayon looking lipsticks! The Forever Eye Shadow’s pigmentation is amazing, the formula is creamy, it applies easily and smoothly, I love the metallic shimmer and it blends really well. So yes, #OhMyGosh … I’m in love … with an eyeshadow…

I tried the Forever Eye Shadow on Sunday together with other eye shadows I own and I created an amazing purple eye look, I used the Gosh Forever eye shadow in the outer corners of my eye, creating a V and below my water line 2/3rds in, the Gosh blended really well with the other products I used. The Forever Eye Shadow stays on forever and it’s waterproof, so making it rain and tear resistant! I even had to use some makeup remover to remove the swatches I did on my arm to show you guys the shade because soap wasn’t cutting it. As soon as Edgars, Garden Route Mall has more shades in stock I will definitely stock up on more, on Saturday they only had this plum shade and a blue shade left.

Makeup Look with Gosh
Makeup Look with Gosh

Some other products I swatched that impressed me a lot:

store swatches

Gosh Lip Markers – I didn’t purchase one of these because I’m still deciding if it’s something I’d use, these are a long lasting lip stain and they don’t have a creamy formula like a lipstick, but their staying power is amazing, out of everything I tried these lasted the longest, even after I washed my hand more than once the pigments where still visible.

Lip Markers
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Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick – I love the creaminess of these lipsticks and the pigmentation is really good, the swatches I made on my arm stayed on for a while as well and I ended up having to remove it with soap and water. The reason for not purchasing one on Saturday is because there where about 3 shades available for testing and I didn’t want to end up taking a shade of lipstick that is close to one I already own so I will check back soon and hopefully get to try more shades.

velvet lipstick
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