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I received the most gorgeous CATRICE cosmetics drop from Cosmetix and it was filled with a lot of their exciting new products, I couldn’t decide which to play with first so I ended up doing an entire Catrice makeup look to try most of them out and first up for review is the Absolute Rose Palette.  I paid a visit to my closets Dischem last week as well and noticed they where all sold out, so seems like this rosyness is in high demand!

The packaging is similar to all of the Catrice palettes with a rose gold writing finish, the palette comes with a dual ended applicator and what I love about this is that the one end is an eyeshadow applicator and the other side has a brush. Rose gold is one of this season’s hot colours so if you run into one of these palettes I suggest you snatch it up.

The romantic rosy shades go from light to dark where as the lighter shades are less pigmented than the darker ones letting you create a huge array of makeup looks. I applied the eyeshadow over the Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base (keep an eye out for a review on this product) and it stayed on for the entire day. If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know that I wear contact lenses and I am a bit weary of which makeup I apply as my eyes can easily get irritated but I am really stoked that I didn’t have any problems with Catrice and my contacts.

I  went ahead as well and swatched all the shades for you guys. Aren’t the shades all just so gorgeous ? I can’t wait to create an evening look with the darker shades, especially the one on the end, I think it’s my favourite!

#FOTD trying out the #Catrice products loving the matte finish of the mousse and the rose palette is just gorgeous #makeup

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  1. I am so glad I read your review! I now NEED these shades of eyeshadow… absolutely gorgeous! Something for every occasion!

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