Tuesday Treasure with Clicks

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week’s treasure is a really nice deal from Clicks and Yardley! If you purchase any Yardley products to the value of R250 you get this entire product box for free. The product box is packed full with really great items.

yardley cosmetic products

The product box contains a Volume Lash Mascara, Lace 30 ml, 2 Gel Lac Nails, Stayfast Quad Shades of Nature and a Pink Alloy High Definition Lipgloss. I love using Yardley products, especially the perfumes, they are really affordable, this product box might just end up in my shopping cart next time I’m at Clicks!

This offer is still valid until the 12th of April.


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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Treasure with Clicks”

  1. Love their lipsticks! I have the eye shadow featured in the pic and it’s unfortunately a major let-down 🙁

    1. Aww no, I think I have a similar one but grey shadow shades, and it’s alright 🙂 Why do you find it a let-down?

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