March Beauty Favourites

Wow, I can hardly believe that it’s the last Monday of March and the second last day of the month, I know I’m a little bit early with my favourites for March post but I have some great posts planned for the rest of this week, so I thought it will be the best time for my favourites post, otherwise before I know it it’s the middle of April and still sitting here half written!

So here are some products I’ve loved during March:


1: Essence all about nude eyeshadow palette
I’ve had this palette for a while now and at the start I didn’t really like it but now I love it, I just love the shimmery soft shades, the pigments are not overpowering, making this the perfect eyeshadow palette for everyday use.

2: Hean Rice Powder
I’ve been trying this Hean powder the last month and I really love how it leaves your skin mat without making it look cakey. Keep an eye out for a review in the coming weeks. You can purchase it here.

3: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush
I’ve been loving this blusher, you can read my review here. This blush is just amazing.

4: L’Orèal Elvive Triple Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner.
I’ve been using this shampoo & conditioner for just under a month, I’ve been stugling with my hair falling out by the hands full and even tho it’s still falling out I’ve seen a significant improvement, I will try these a little longer before writing up a full review.

5: The Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Lip Balms
I have two of these, Pink Berry and  strawberry, I just love the pop culture designs on them and they smell amazing, I nearly want to take a bite out of these willy applying them!

What was your favourite products the past month ?


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6 thoughts on “March Beauty Favourites”

  1. LOVE those Bourjois blushes! Always a favourite of mine but I tend to go for pinker colours 🙂

    Also been meaning to try out that powder, looks interesting 🙂


    1. I found the lip balms at a sale in January, I paid only R20 for each, I still want to try their makeup products 🙂

  2. I lost my all about nude palette. Would seriously need to buy it again. was also one of my faves.

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