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This past week I’ve been falling in love with a series, that for some odd reason I’ve only discovered till now, Hart of Dixie and it just made me think that it’s high time I do a series post, I am a self proclaimed series junkie, I enjoy watching them even more than I do movies!

So here is my list of girly girl series, yes some guys will enjoy them as well but these just cheer me up and are those you want to watch curled up in bed wearing your fluffy slippers with bunny ears while eating a slab of chocolate by yourself drinking tea out of a cupcake mug.

1. Gilmore Girls

Now this series was actually recommend to me by my husband when we just met, I just love the mother, daughter team and all the quirky characters of  Stars Hollow and it’s just so fun watching a younger Jared Padelecki. When I watched the last episode of this series for the first time I just had this sad feeling that Rory and Lorelei won’t be visiting anymore! I’ve seen every single episode twice and I think a third marathon is in the cards pretty soon!


2. Hart of Dixie

This series is really sweet and you just fall for the new Doctor in town, Zoe Hart. This series has a lot in common with Gilmore Girls, small town, quirky characters and kinda makes you miss Stars Hollow a little bit less.  I’m closing in on where this series is currently, just about to start Season 4 and I can’t wait to see what’s happening in Blue Bell next, and can I just say I love a Southern Accent ?!

hart of dixie

3. The Client List

I was super upset about how they ended this series but nonetheless it’s still a pretty good watch. Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this series about a mom who ends up as a massage therapist who gives “happy endings” at a spa called the rub after her husband left her, this series has a whole lot of drama, love dilemma’s and again, that Southern accent.

the client list 3

4. Desperate Housewives

I started watching season 1 of this series just as season 2 aired and I just couldn’t get enough, I actually own one season on DVD, I really need to complete my collection. If you’ve seen this series I’m sure that you could identify with at least one of the characters on the show, and you just have to love you some Eva Longoria!


5. Jane the Virgin

This series is still really new and only in it’s first season, I’m not sure if it will be renewed for a second season but it’s a really unique series about a girl named Jane who accidentally gets artificially inseminated. The way the story is told is just like a telenovela and I just love the comical twist.

Jane the Virgin 5

Do you watch any “girly girl” series’ that you love ?



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10 thoughts on “Let’s get series”

    1. Ohh I better look if I can find it somewhere, thank you! Always looking for something to watch 🙂

  1. I am a total series junkie, its bad… i watch so many i’m actually embarrased to give you my list lol, but here we go…. Castle, Vampire Diaries + spin off Originals, Chicago Fire + spin off Chicago PD (and soon Med), Suits (ended), White Collar, Arrow + spin off The Flash, Hart of Dixie, Hawaii Five 0, Glee (ended), Covert Affairs (ended), Scandal (The Fixer in SA), Greys Anatomy, Bones, Saving Hope, Revenge, New Girl, Reign, How To Get Away WIth Murder, Madam Secretary, Bitten, Game of Thrones, 2 Broke Girls, Gotham, Once Upon A Time, The Night Shift, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Eye Candy, Mistresses, Devious Maids…. ok i need to stop lol

    1. hahaha there are many on your list (and ones not on your list) that I watch as well, I started this post off with ones I see as girly ones so don’t be embarrassed.

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