Growing out your fringe

I’ve had a fringe, since like forever, and by forever I mean probably around 10 years. I’ve finally decided it’s time to let it go… and grow it out. My fringe has gotten to that “let me see how much I can annoy you” phase so naturally I turned to google to find ways of getting it out of my way without looking like I’m 12!

So here are some weapons you will need when growing out your fringe:

Weapons of Hair Construction

  • Bobby Pins, Bobby Pins and some more Bobby Pins, if you are anything like me you will need 100s because I loose mine all over the place.
  • Short bristle brush, I prefer this kind of hairbrush when using hairspray as it keeps the hair strands together.
  • Hairspray, I like using the “wetter” hair spray to the can because you have some time to manipulate your hair before it dries.
  • Hairbands and Headbands to keep your fringe at bay.

And some pretty nice hairstyles I would like to try

So far I’ve been going for the hairband and messy bun, I need to practice my braiding skills for most of these styles to work for me, so wish me luck with getting past this annoying fringe phase before I end up doing this again!

no more of this


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3 thoughts on “Growing out your fringe”

  1. Ah, the current story of my life!

    Bobby pins are right up there with single socks when it comes to their disappearing acts!

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