Blogger Awards: Sisterhood of the world.

So the second Award I was nominated for this past month is the Sisterhood of the world, this is the first time I’ve been nominated for this award, so thank you Janneke from Daisyperson! The name of this award kinda makes me think of that movie, the sisterhood of the traveling pants but this time it’s a blog post that does the traveling.


Her questions to me:

1. What was the inspiration to your blog name?

At first I wanted to call my blog “Pieces of Me” but it was already taken on blogspot as well as on twitter so I thought what do I like and then the name just turned into Pieces in Pink.

2. If you could buy makeup from only one drugstore brand for the rest of your life which brand would you pick?

Almay! I really love Almay products and the fact that they are hypoallergenic.

3. Tell me a story of a date that went horribly wrong or was just terrible right from the get go.

I used to chat in online chat rooms and I got asked out by this one guy on there, but I was so scared that he will turn out to be an ax murderer that took my best friend (which was a guy) with me on my date, the “date” took one look at the pair of us, sat down, ordered his drink, next minute he excused himself to go to the bathroom and he never came back!

06_Underdressed4. What is the beauty purchase you have been disappointed in the most?

A Sally Hansen top coat that cracked like the roads in South Africa after it dried.

5. Would you rather spend a more money for luxury makeup brands or rather save and buy dupes?

If the quality of the dupe is good enough I’d go for that and save.

6. What was your first MAC lipstick you bought? (if you have not purchased any MAC lipsticks what was the first lipstick you ever bought)

I don’t own any MAC lipsticks and until recently I used mostly lip gloss, a lot of lipsticks I own was gifted to me, so the first one I bought was a Ralo lipstick with a shimmer.

7. If someone forced you to dye your hair right now, but it is not allowed to be similar to the current colour, which colour would you pick?

I’ve always wanted to try pitch black hair but I’m to scared about the reversal process, so if I’m forced……


8. You are stuck on an island with two guys. One is strong, hot and extremely arrogant. The other is not the prettiest pea in the pod, a little weak but very nice. Which one would you rather camp with?

I’m a strong woman people! I don’t need a strong man (haha) I’d rather spend my time with someone nice.

9. Do you have any fears?

Yes I do, I’m scared of heights and thunder storms and guess what, the first time on a plane and we go through a thunderstorm, fun times…

10. Would you say you have mastered the art of liquid eyeliner and if so how?

I wouldn’t say I mastered it because I still end up getting a lot of it in my eye but I’m getting there.


I nominate:

Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger
Beauty and The Baby Blog
Beauty Candy Loves

And my 10 Questions to you:

  1. What is your favourite thing about blogging ?
  2. Where do you draw inspiration from for your blog posts ?
  3. If you where a cocktail what would you be called and what are you made from ?
  4. What is your favourite cuisine ?
  5. Have you mastered the art of contouring ?
  6. Lipstick or Lipgloss ?
  7. Which era is your favourite makeup era ?
  8. Bold Eyes or Bold Lips ?
  9. Which one cosmetics item can’t you live without ?
  10. Which is your current favourite TV series ?

Please let me know if you answered these, I would love to read your answers! Much Love…


I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Urban Jungle of Johannesburg. Very proud dog mom. #30plusblogs

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    1. Haha the guy just appeared out of no where I don’t think there was even a time frame for my friend to move to another table, but they guy seemed a bit off anyways, so it was a blessing in disguise in the end!

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