An intro into Vitamin Science

I recently got sent some products from the Vitamin Science range by Eurisha from The Outer Beauty to try and I’m really excited about it! These products are really popular in the Korean spa industry and we’ve all heard how amazing Korean beauty products are! Vitamin Science focuses on using pure vitamins to create a skin care range that is so powerful  it promises that you can see a visible improvement in just 2 weeks.


How did this skin care range start?

It started with a very unique love story where Mr Eric Lee developed a formula to help his wife who suffered from severe acne and scarring. She tried most products that where on the market and none worked, he used his knowledge and experience in the skin care industry to create a product using Vitamins that after years of research and testing gave his wife renewed hope for beautiful flawless healthy skin! Romantic right!? Today these products are available to woman all over the globe.

The Vitamin Science Skin Care range falls into 4 categories:

Vita A – Calming – For Acne / Acne Scarring


Containing pure carrot extracts Vita A enhances the skin’s protection levels, it softens the dead skin cells and removes free radicals so that acne is effectively cleared.

Vita B – Hydrating – For Dehydrated and Sensitive skin


Vita B is rich in buckwheat extract and is perfect for hydrating skin and helps with skin irritations, My skin seems to be really sensitive and I have some patches of eczema, so this is the range I’m currently trying!

Vita C – Whitening – For Pigmentation and Anti Aging


Containing barley extract Vita C has antioxidants that helps in removing free radicals from the skin  making this product perfect for combating pigmentation leaving the skin radiant. Vita C contains mushroom extracts as well that assists in the prevention of aging.

Vita EA – Lifting – For Anti Aging and Wrinkle Reduction


Vitamin EA is a combination of carrot, mushroom and barley extracts and it effectively exfoliates to reveal smoother and more youthful skin, it enhances collagen production as well.

I will be using the Vita B Hydrating Toner, Hydrating Emulsion and Hydrating Serum for the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for my review and final verdict!

Picture Credit: Official Vitamin Science Website


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