#BlogVember Day 5 & 6 – Fav time of the year & Moi shoes

Yes, yes I guess challenges aren’t really my thing but I promise I have a very valid reason for not doing yesterday’s one but I am catching up with this post, my “baby” brother turned 21 yesterday and we had a little party with s spit braai and I was in charge of making cake and doing some other things. All and all we had a great party.

Ehm! After I typed this I fell asleep and never posted my post, man I can kick my own toosh

Day 5 – Favourite time of the year.
Now I like most time of the year but I dislike sweating, yes I love summer and being out doors and going to the beach but as soon as I sweat a lot then I don’t like it anymore, that’s why when it’s cold enough during winter to whip out my scarf collection and hide in over sized coats and jackets wins my favourite time of the year.

Day 6 – Take a picture of: Your shoes
Most of the time I like walking without any shoes, like now while I’m typing this post so I think I will just show you all my favourite pair of shoes (which I can’t wear for long at a time because they make my feet cry)


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