#BlogVember Day 17 – My family

Today I’m introducing you to my family with a range of pictures.

The picture below is the last family picture I have where my Dad is on, he passed away from brain cancer in 1996, sadly the photographer messed it up by capturing my baby brother in an awkward pose.

My Dad, Me, My brother Rudolf that is 3 years younger than me, my Mom
and in front my “baby” brother Hendrik that is 10 year younger than I am

This is a more recent picture of me my mom and my brothers.

Me, my brother Hendrik, my mom Hannemie and my brother Rudolf


After my Dad passed away my grandparents on my mom’s side helped raise us. My grandfather passed away nearly 2 years ago but I am lucky to say that my grandmother turned 88 April this year.

From left to right: Me, my brother Hendrik, my grandmother Lina,
my grandfather Hennie and my mom, Hannemie

And my family grew when I married my hubby in 2012

Hubby and I
My father-in-law Rudolf when he turned 66 and I baked him
a grown up cake.
This is my mom-in-law Brigitte and my hubby

I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Urban Jungle of Johannesburg. Very proud dog mom. #30plusblogs

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