The Fláva Café Experience

I haven’t done a lifestyle/foodie post in some time, it’s way overdue! This past Friday (10 Oct) marked the first night out on the town for me and hubby in our new town and we decided to go experience some of the local cuisine. We chose to try out Fláva Café, I loved how inviting it looked from the outside and it was recommended!

We where greeted really friendly by nearly everyone there and chose where we wanted to sit. Fláva Café promises a restaurant experience in a cafe setting, but wow was I surprised.  We each ordered a milkshake and a calamari starter to share, now people I am a huge calamari fan and I’ve eaten this at numerous restaurants and I can honestly say that this was the best I’ve had till date, it was so, so soft and covered in a feather light batter.

For our mains we each ordered an alcoholic beverage, me going with the Miss Molly rose bubbly and hubby with a castle light to accompany the main event, gourmet burgers. I had the Fláva burger (creme fraiche, guacamole, flava peri peri, tomato and fresh coriander)  whilst hubby decided on the American burger (gerkin, cheddar, caramelized onion, tomato relish and butter lettuce) Both burgers where served with skinny fries and onion rings and came on a freshly baked bun (the bun was even buttered, not many places do this) Both of the burgers where pretty big and tasted heavenly, next time I am going to get a little bit more adventurous!

The finale was of course the dessert, with a couple of yummy options we settled on a tiramisu  for hubby and a lemon infused cheesecake for myself. The plating of the tiramisu was amazing and both desserts where really yummy, I have to admit I couldn’t help myself and  had nearly half of hubby’s as well.

The final verdict is with great food and great service, and even some Pavarotti style singing coming from the kitchen we would definitely return to this gem. Oh! and I forgot to mention they have a loyalty program where you can get 10% of your total amount of 10 times dining discounted on your 11th visit.

Fláva Café is situated in Wilderness, Western Cape right next to the pharmacy.







Pretty please with a cherry on top excuse my picture quality, I forgot my camera at home and took pics with my phone!

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Overall Rating: 5/5


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    1. Thank you Candice, when you guys visit that’s one of the places we should go 😀

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