A little rage, please make it stop!

Today I’m going on a little rage about something that I’ve been noticing on facebook and it annoys me and it makes me sad on some level, and that is when people post pictures on facebook of their young children and caption it as “sexy”

First off lets look at the text book definition of the word sexy:
sexy – adjective
sexually attractive or exciting.
synonyms: sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky,
sexually aroused.
synonyms: aroused, sexually excited, amorous, lustful, passionate;
very exciting or appealing.
synonyms: exciting, stimulating, interesting, appealing, intriguing;

Now I ask you with tears in my eyes, why on earth people want to call their young children sexy, I honestly think that it’s inappropriate, children should be cute, sweet, adorable NOT sexy.  For me the word sexy belongs in “grown up” world!

I hope I am not alone out here feeling this way, today I’m making a plea to parents, please stop!


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