Why I do not like grocery shopping….

Today I’m writing about something that drives me absolutely bonkers in stores and that’s getting pushed in the back while standing in line, and this tends to happen more often when I go grocery shopping than going any other kind of shopping.

I am sharing two of the funniest (it was not funny at the moment but it is now) pushed in the back stories, and strangely enough they both happened in Pick n Pay.

The first one happened on a really hot day during summer a couple of years ago, and it was around payday, yes I know what possessed me to go to the mall during that time, but anyways, I am happily standing in line waiting for my turn to pay, and “slap” I feel it, I turn around just to get stared in the eyes by a dozen bread rolls, now people, when it’s hot and I’m annoyed my mouth grows bigger and I get very bad symptoms of verbal diarrhea.  “Don’t you know what personal space is” jumped out of my mouth like a cat in heat, and what are those lovely words we all “love” to hear jumped back at me from the bread bearing buffel – “You’re racist” now seriously, the fact that I don’t like to get shoved in the back by bread makes me racist…… After some more word slinging and getting told I don’t belong in the store the poor cashier started ringing goods like the flash just to get us out of there.

The second one happened on a not so busy day, and again I was happily standing in the line waiting to pay when I felt another pop in my back, I slowly turn around and this time I’m faced by a huge pair of boobs, I mean eeeuw who wants to get stabbed in the back by a strange pair of boobs, slowly composing myself trying not to let my verbal diarrhea get the better of me again I decide I will move one foot forward and then turn to stand scew, maybe then I would not get poked in the back anyone, but as soon as I slid forward I was greeted by a huge fat foot on my tini tiny toes. Oh man that death stare I gave her must have scared the bejeebers out of her because she uttered an apology.

So with the notion to prevent any of these bread bumping boob poking moments I try and keep a trolly or an unexpected family member between me and the person behind me in line….

So only three words ~ Personal Space Please ~


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