I review ~ Omega Labs Cuticle Oil

All my gorgeous nail polish loving beauties, today I’m reviewing another one of Omega Labs’ products, their cuticle oil. In one of my previous posts I mentioned why it’s important to use cuticle oil but just in case you mussed it, cuticle oil hydrates and moisturizes your cuticles and gives your manicure a refreshed look.

This cuticle oil smells amazing and the consistency is ticker than another cuticle oil I’ve used. It absorbs fast into my cuticles so I don’t end up leaving oily spots where I touched things after applying and because of the thicker formula there isn’t a problem with it dripping or running. This oil can also be shared as you can apply it without touching your nail, so no risk of bacteria spreading.

I applied a tiny drop to each cuticle a couple of times a day and massaged it in and after about 4 days my cuticles where looking amazing. The oil took care of the little chaps in the corners of my cuticles and softened the skin, leaving my usually dry looking cuticles barely visible. My nails look healthy and well cared for, and I love the results so much that I’ve started applying it around the cuticles on my toe nails as well, gorgeous summer feet here I come!

I highly recommend this product and at R100 it’s a steal!


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