I review – Garnier BB Cream for combination to oily skin

I’ve read many good reviews on this product so I decided to put it to the test, but before we get to the review part of this post lets find out what a BB cream is.

BB cream stands for blemish balm / blemish base / beauty balm. BB cream is an all-in-one facial cosmetic product that replaces serum, it moisturize, it acts as a primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation and under powder, it all depends on the amount of coverage you need.

The reason I chose the BB cream is because I am not a huge fan of foundation, it makes my skin feel heavy and a lot of brands tend to wipe off on my clothes and phone.

The first time I applied it I used it instead of my regular daily moisturizer, it smoothed out my skin tone really well, covered up my pores and it didn’t make my skin feel heavy.  It did however absorb a little to fast so I had to smooth it out quickly, so personally I am wearing it over my regular moisturizer so I can take a bit more time smoothing it over. The Garnier BB cream works really well with Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.

So let’s go through the check list of what the Garnier BB cream promises
1 – Instantly evens skin tone – Check, smooth looking skin.
2 – Blurs lines and imperfections – Check , less visible pores and fine lines.
3 – Boosts healthy glow – Check, my skin had a healthy glow and no oily shine.
4 – 24 hour moisture – I didn’t leave it on for 24 hours, I washed my face before bed, but it kept my skin moisturized for the time between facial washes.
5 – UV protection SPF 20 – Great for summer.

I’ve been using this BB cream now for longer than a month and I’m totally in love with it!

I recommend this product to anyone who only wants light coverage, and I would definitely purchase it again! 

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2 thoughts on “I review – Garnier BB Cream for combination to oily skin”

    1. It’s really nice and the price is not bad wither, it is frequently on sale and then you can pick it up for around R65

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