#ChangeYourSkin with Kiehl’s final update

I can’t believe how fast the 4 weeks went past and that today I am at day 28 of the #ChangeYourSkin challenge. Firstly I just wan’t to say thank you to Zaahirah and Kiehl’s for the opportunity to try out these two amazing products and I will continue to change my skin!

I’ve seen that these two products are really pricey but if you see how much is still left in each bottle after 28 days and how well it works it’s really worth it. Here is a little recap of how the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate changed my skin.

My pores are much smaller than before I started on this journey, the amount of blackheads I had on my oily t-zone is much less, I’ve noticed a huge improvement with the texture of my skin, it looks and feels extremely smooth.  The dry patches I had on my forehead is gone.  My skin tone is much more even as well and looks radiantly glowing and healthy, the redness that I had between my eyes is much better as well. The appearance of the little bit of pigmentation I have below my eye is much better and it’s nearly not noticeable. Last but not least, I’ve noticed an improvement with the fine lines and wrinkles that has been appearing on my face lately, they are less noticeable, especially the one between my eyes and forehead!

The only downside  for me is that I’m still struggling with the oiliness on my nose but I am now convinced that it’s because of my glasses stimulating the area as it slides down a lot as the oiliness I had above this area is now under control.

What I love about the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate:
After the slight burning sensation stops my skin feels really soft and nourished and it provides the perfect base to apply a BB or CC cream over and leaves you with extra smooth glowing skin.

What I love about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
After over exfoliating, yes I don’t know what came over me, I think I was really tired, this concentrate helped my skin recover in a few short days and I am really impressed as well of how fast blemishes heal and disappear.

I would definitely be purchasing these products again, if my budgets allows of course and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone . If my word is enough just take a look at the picture proof!


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