I Review: Grazia Magazine SA

I don’t really purchase beauty and fashion magazines unless something on the cover catches my eye, I am a monthly second hand reader, always reading the magazines my mom are done with.

This week in Woolworths the Grazia magazine caught my eye, I have to admit this was mainly because of the free bright pink Catrice nail polish that was tucked in the plastic with the mag. When I got home I took it out of the wrapping and started flipping through, I was pleasantly surprised, most beauty and fashion mags are so overloaded by ads that I am so confused half way through of what was an article and what wasn’t.  This magazine has the perfect balance between real articles and ads.

I found some gossip, some fashion, some beauty products some great read articles and even a delicious recipe. The best part is that it’s only R20 (Digital copies are only R10) I would definitely be purchasing more Grazia magazines in the future!


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2 thoughts on “I Review: Grazia Magazine SA”

    1. You’re welcome! And it’s weird cause I looked out for it at other stores but I only see it at woolies

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