My little bag of blogging tricks.

I am a beginner blogger myself but I have web development experience and this helped me with setting up my blog, so in this post I will share some of the little things to make blogging a bit easier for people just starting up.

1 – You copy and paste something into your blog post editor and the formatting and colouring is haywire, here is a simple “in between” step that will sort this problem right out.  When I write my posts I always have notepad open, if you paste first into notepad it removes all the formatting from the text leaving you with the text in it’s basic format and it will display your default selected text formatting when you re-paste it into your blog post editor.

2 – If you would like to display anything in a widget in the side, for example pictures, about me and so on,  first create it in a blog post. Just remember don’t publish it! When you are done just click on the HTML tab at the top and copy and page everything to a custom HTML widget.

3 – Would you like to make it easier for yourself to display your signature in every single post you create? Use the above mentioned tip and create your signature, copy the HTML and paste it here: Settings -> Posts and Comments ~ Then look for the text box that with the caption Post Template, then just click on save at the top right of your page. Your signature will now automatically appear each time you create a new post.

4 – Looking for images to put in your blog posts without violating any copy rights ? Go to this website ~ ~ There is a huge variety! don’t forget to copy and paste the credit HTML into your post.

5 – Is your blog not working on bloglovin ? Make sure there is nothing in the text box labeled “Post Feed Redirect URL” you can find it under Settings -> Other.  Only ever change anything in there if you created a RSS feed link that you would want to use instead of the default feed.

6 – Change your favicon into any picture you like, just go to your blog layout, at the top left where it says favicon, click on edit, upload your new image and save.  Just remember that your browser may cache pictures and you won’t immediately see the new icon unless you clear your browser cache or refresh, many times.

I hope you find these little cheats helpful! If you see anything on my blog and wonder how it got there, feel free to leave me a comment or contact me via my contact form and I will gladly help.

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc


I’m a South African Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel blogger and I’m currently finding myself in the Urban Jungle of Johannesburg. Very proud dog mom. #30plusblogs

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