My favourite fragrances – Elixir by Shakira

I was sent this lovely fragrance by Beauty Bulletin, they released a new feature on their website – uploading videos directly to their website – and to get things moving they gave a fragrance to the first 20 ladies to upload their makeup look in a video directly to their website.

I was so excited when I opened my parcel and to find the Elixir inside, I’ve been wanting this fragrance ever since it came out, I tested it but when I went back to purchase they where sold out and so life rolled by. Beauty Bulletin made my entire week with this fragrance.

The packaging is really pretty with lots of detailing on the box.

I really love the design of the bottle, I’m an online gamer, I play World of Warcraft and my main character has alchemy as a profession, this bottle reminds me so much of the bottles you use in game to create potions!
It looks like a flask, the glass is tinted with silver detailing on the lid.

The fragrance itself smells really sophisticated and sensual, on first spray you really get a more sharp oriental smell, after a while the scent settles into a fruity floral scent, and lastly the base notes come forth in a soft oriental scent.

I hope you love this fragrance form Shakira as much as me!

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes
White pepper, Neroli
Heart notes
Freesia, Peony, Apricot
Base notes
White cedar wood, Benzoin, Amber, Sugar cane, Sensual oriental

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