How to revive your dry Gel Eyeliner

I really love my gel liner from Maybeline but I don’t really use it that often as it’s difficult for me to apply when I’m wearing my glasses for the day, so I leave it for contact lens days, which I haven’t been wearing a lot lately.

So when Beauty Bulletin gave this week’s challenge I first thought I will try a winged liner, but oh my, when I opened up my eyeliner pot, my liner was a bit dried up and I remembered that I had forgotten it open when I had last use it. Thinking I will have to throw it away, I first turned to google with my question: I forgot my gel liner open!

After reading one post with a couple of methods, including mixing it with glycerin, watching a video (this video told me to put eye drops in my liner and mix it, it didn’t look all that good to me) I stumbled on this video by Goss Makeup Artist ~ Quick Makeup Tip! Make your gel liner new.  His humorist way of telling girls out there not to put metal in the microwave had me giggling. I opted to try the hair dryer on my liner and voila! It worked, my chunky dry liner is like new, soft and creamy! I set the dryer to max heat and used it for about 30 seconds on the open eyeliner pot. If after a couple of weeks it gets dry again I will just re-heat it.

So if you have any cream shadows or gel liners that looks like it need to be thrown out, first try heat on them, you have nothing to lose right?

So now to try that winged liner…..

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