Kitchen Gadget – Egg Separator

Starting this week I’m going to do a weekly kitchen gadget, weather it be some funky shaped kitchen utensils, helpful appliances or even pretty things you can add to your decor. The gadgets in my posts will also not necessarily be something I have purchased or used before, it can be something I found online. To start off we will be looking at Egg Separators.

I have an “old fashioned” egg separator but I see there some interesting ones out there.

Plastic Egg Separator:
With this one you put it over a mug or small bowl, break the egg into it and the white will run through the holes leaving the yolk behind. This is the type I’m using currently.
This one can be purchased from for R19

Picture from

Vintage Metal Coil Separator:

This one works the same as the plastic separator, just put it over a cup or bowl, break the egg into it and voila. I had one of these but it is now residing with my brother in Wilderness.
This one can be purchased on Etsy for $9.99, they ship to South Africa.
Picture from Etsy – Vintage Kitchen Tools

YolkR Egg Separator:

This egg separator is modern and works a lot differently than the other two, push the air out of the silicon part, place it over your egg yolk, slowly release and watch it suck the egg yolk right up. This product is availible from Yuppiechef for R89
Picture from
That is it for my Kitchen Gadget for  this week. These eggy gadgets are really helpful if separating eggs isn’t your strong suite!

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