Weekly Gadget – Stick blender / Hand blender

This weeks gadget is the stick blender or hand blender, this is my favourite kitchen appliance at the moment, it’s easy to clean, it’s fast to assemble and it doesn’t take a lot of space to store.  I had a Philips stick blender but that one was in an unfortunate accident, I am now using a Braun stick blender.

When purchasing a stick blender I recommend that you chose one that comes with extra attachments as they just make your life so much easier!

Please excuse the wrinkles in the backdrop

Some of my favourite things to use the stick blender for:

Main blender attachment:
  • Make smooth sauces and soups (Just remember to wait for it to cool down a bit before sticking the blender in there, boiling temperatures damages the parts).
  • Make pulp from fruits for when you want to make ice cream or fruit sauces as toppings.
  • Make homemade milkshakes, just leave the ice cream outside first for a bit so it can soften.

Chopping attachments:

  • For chopping onions when making meat balls or any other dish that requires grated onion.
  • Chop bread to make bread crumbs.

Whisk attachment:

  • Whip up cream or egg whites.
  • Whip eggs for omelets.

What is your favourite kitchen appliance ?


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