Weekly Gadget: Dutch Poffertjes Pan

When I visited my husband in the Netherlands I fell in love with one of their traditional breakfast treats – Poffertjes, basically they are kinda like mini pancakes, but puffed up.

I have been craving them for a while and recently my father-in-law sent my husband a bunch of boxes, and he so very kindly included a poffertjes pan for me in the box. Je included a few boxes of premix to make these delicious little treats. So this week’s Weekly Gadget is the poffertjes pan.

The box
How it came out of the box
After I assembled it (needed a star screw driver)
The Koop Mans Poffertjes Mix.
I added the content of the box, with 2 eggs
800 ml of Milk and 3 tbsp of Oils in my blender.

You place the pan over your biggest stove plate. I experimented with heat settings, 4 is perfect. Grease each hole with some cooking oil or butter. Fill each hole with some batter, as soon as the last hole is filled up you can start flipping where you first started filling, and by the time you flipped the last one you can take them off, flip them over using 2 tooth picks while they are still liquidy on top.

My first batch I cooked too long, so they only puffed up on the one side, the second round my plate was too hot and I burned the middle section. Around the 4th batch I had it down and under control and they came out perfect. I would have had more in the end but my husband kept eating them every time I looked away! It goes really fast once you got the hang of it.

Concentration! Don’t over fill.
My perfect poffertjes mountain.

To eat you take a couple and build a tiny poffertjes mountain of your own on your plate. In the Netherlands these are eaten with a piece of butter that slowly melts over the top, sprinkled with “Poeder Zuiker” (plain old icing sugar). My husband likes to plop syrup all over, me, I like strawberry jam. You can eat it with whatever you like!

EDIT: This post is a couple of years old, I am not sure where to purchase a pan in SA. you can use a service like Aramex Global Shopper to order from EBAY

This pan can be purchased in South Africa at the Dutch store near Lanseria Airport, or you can order one online from ebay. Now I need to find the perfect recipe for these, my pre-mix boxes won’t last forever…….


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Gadget: Dutch Poffertjes Pan”

  1. So you perhaps know where I can get a large industrial poffertjies pan? Needing one for a market…wouls really appreciate some help as we have been let down by someone

    1. Hi Megan, as mine was purchased in the Netherlands my best bet would be for you to import one. You can use a postal forwarding service like armaex global shopper and it won’t take really long to get here. Good luck

  2. Poffertjes a breakfast dish? I never got that as a kid 😉
    We only ever saw this at markets.

    1. My husband is Dutch and lives in the Netherlands, I just came back from 3 months there and it’s all he ever eats for breakfast, we got them pre-made at Albert Hein and Dirk

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