Pucker Up with Coke Flavoured Lip Smackers

I purchased this cute little tin somewhere over the South China sea from an in flight duty free trolley. It contains 6 different Coca Cola lip smacker flavours, namely: Vanilla Coke, Original Coke, Fanta Orange, Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Strawberry and Sprite.

But before we get to the review part, lets take a a little look into the company.

Lip Smacker was introduced in 1973 by Jess. A Bell and was the worlds first ever flavoured lip balm, it came in Strawberry, Lemon and Green Apple, today there are many different flavours available, you can go have a looksie on their website for more information.

Coca Cola Lip Smackers:
The tin looks like a larger coke can, I was just so disappointed when I opened mine, I thought the marks where on the plastic, but in fact they where on the tin *snif*. Each Lip Smacker has it’s own scent and taste similar to their cool drink cousins (Yes I know, it’s a bad habit to lick my lips but I couldn’t resist, they smell so yummy) They give my lips a soothing softness and some moisture, you do however need to reapply every hour or so for the effect to last. My favourite is most definitely the Vanilla coke, and whenever I use the Pineapple fanta my hubby says I smell tropical and refused to kiss me!

Price 4/5
Quality 4/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Lip Smacker can be purchased in South Africa at Clicks stores and is a must for any lip balm junkie like myself’s lip balm collection.

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2 thoughts on “Pucker Up with Coke Flavoured Lip Smackers”

  1. My first purchase of the lip smacker was in the flavour sprite . oh boy the scent of it put me off x_x its sooo gaseous although the moisturizer is good but I just cant handle the scent of it. are the others better?

    1. I like how all of them smell but my husband not so much, I think it just depends from person to person 🙂 Wish I could let you smell them all so you can try them all before buying another and risk not liking the scent again

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