My Favourite Fragrances: Adidas Tropical Passion for Woman

This fragrance actually has a very funny story behind it.  My husband received this as a Christmas gift from a family member, he is very specific about what fragrances he uses so he never really gave attention to it.  We packed it into a box with all his other goodies when we left the Netherlands and when his move finally arrived in South Africa it was unpacked with all the other fragrance goodies.

He has so much body washes and fragrances collected over the years he decided to share some with my brothers so I popped the perfume into my handbag on our way to my Mom’s.  When I took it out of my bag to leave it for my brother something caught my eye, the teeny-tiny “for Woman” writing near to the bottom of the box. This gave us all a laugh as that same Christmas my husband also received a woman’s fitted jacket, strangely enough also from Adidas.

Soooo, that is how this fragrance ended up with me, but hey, I am not complaining! The design of the bottle is very sporty, it is an orange coloured glass bottle with a plastic cap. The scent is really citrussy at first, but settles into a really soft fruitiness. This is a really fresh and playful fragrance, I would wear it to an afternoon event or a daytime wedding.

I am not sure where this can be purchased but I did however see that it can be ordered from some online stores.

Product Info:
Top Notes
Mandarin Orange, Melon and Pineapple
Heart Notes
Magnolia and Neroli
Base Notes
Peach, Cedar and Musk.


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