How 2: Crayon Lipstick

I recently stumbled on a youtube video on how to make your own lipsticks using crayons. My mom closed down her nursery school so there are many crayons left laying around and I thought this would be the perfect thing to experiment with using some of those crayons.

Crayons are non toxic and the proof of this is that many children eat them on a daily basis! Crayons are just made up of some wax and colour pigments. I did some more re-search on it and here is my version.

You need:

  • Crayons
  • Vaseline/Shea Butter/Coconut Oil
  • A pot
  • Small glass bowl
  • Small container to store your lipstick in


  • Plain lip balm
  • Bio Oil/Vitamin E Oil – Be careful with this as I read some blog posts where people had allergic reactions
  • Vanilla Extract (Or any extract of your choice) – The extract’s scent will remain longer than an essence
  • Makeup Glitter like Fairydust

Put water in your pot, put it on the stove on a medium heat, put the glass bowl inside the pot and add your ingredients for your lipstick. I used 1 tsp of vaseline + 1/2 a tsp of the plain lip balm + 2 drops of Bio Oil + a piece of crayon. In the blue one I used some Fairydust glitter as this is already a fun colour. (Here you can add your extract to give your lipstick a nice scent) The more crayon you add the darker your lipstick will be, less crayon will make the lipstick more sheer. Wait for everything to melt and pour it into a container.  Let it set inside the fridge.

Really easy! You can make weird colours for special occasions, experiment by mixing crayon colours. Add some white crayon to make pastel colours.


The blue one needs a bit more blending on your lips than the other colours, I really love how the pink and red turned out! I will purchase more vaseline and  continue experimenting.

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