Hello, Nice to Sweet You! New Lindt Chocolate Range

I stumbled upon this new range of seductive chocolates from Lindt exclusively at Woolworths over the weekend, I couldn’t decide which one to try so I took 2 different ones to share with my grandmother.

There are 4 different flavours in the range:
Hello my name is Strawberry Cheesecake
Hello my name is Caramel Brownie
Hello my name is Cookies & Cream
Hello my name is Crunchy Nougat

They are available in sticks bars and mini bars as well as a little box of mixed chocolates.

I tried out the Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Brownie. Both are really delicious, the strawberry cheesecake has a sour sweetness to it with tiny crunchy bits and the caramel brownie has some liquidy caramel and crunchy brownie bits. They are a little bit pricey at around R15 each, but a delicious treat! The chocolate sticks I tried each has 6 blocks and each block has a different picture or word on it, so a lot of detail went into these!

I would recommend these to try to any chocoholic! This chocolate campaign is also very playful and fun. I got the pictures for this post from the Lindt SA  and Lindt USA facebook pages, my chocolate photography skills are not that good.

I really hope that you will enjoy these chocolates as much as I did! Can’t wait to try the other two! YUM!


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